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M E M B E R & I N D U S T R Y Back Bay Tree Removal Guidelines The MAA Office recently received this information from the chair of the Tree Committee of the Garden Club of the Back Bay (Boston). If you are a contractor about to do a tree removal job in Boston’s Back Bay Historic District, be advised that residents requesting tree removal must have a letter of permission from the Back Bay Architecture Commission. The Commission has jurisdiction over all removals on private properties within this Historic District. This applies to front garden trees as well as trees in alleys. With- out a BBAC letter, the owner will be called before a violations committee. This is the responsibility of the property owner, not the contractor or arborist. The process for this approval and the rationale for this ruling can be found at Z-133 Review The full Z-133 Committee met on October 10, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. The committee has started the process of reviewing the standard. If any MAA members have suggestions or comments, you can send them to Dennis Ryan ( or directly to the ISA at All letters will be reviewed by the full Z-133 committee. The ISA has recently announced that the ANSI Z133-2017 Spanish translation is complete and available for purchase from: ● ISA at ● and TCIA at MAA members should remember that the Massachusetts Department of Labor has accepted the Z-133 as the safety standard for arboriculture in Massachusetts. All arborists are expected to understand and follow the Z-133 requirements. Submitted by Dennis Ryan, MCA , MAA Representative to Z-133 Committee N E W S Kristina Bezanson appointed Lecturer in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry at UMass Amherst In September, Kristina Bezanson was hired as a Lecturer in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry at UMass Amherst. Before coming to UMass, Kristina worked as City Arborist for Virginia Beach, Virginia, and as an Assis- tant Professor of Horticulture at Tidewater Community College (TCC), in Chesapeake, Virginia. At TCC, she taught a range of courses including Arboriculture, Plant Identification, Plant Pest Management, Landscape Construction, and Theory of Landscape Design. A native of Massachusetts, she is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist / Municipal Specialist, and a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. She also holds credentials in Sustainable Landscapes, Sustainable Design, and Sustainable Installation. Kristina is also the sole proprietor of Garden & Forest Con- sulting, which focuses on tree care, risk assessment, and sustain- able landscape maintenance and design practices on residential and commercial sites. And she has been an active volunteer with professional associations including serving as President of the Virginia Urban Forest Council and being a frequent rider on the Tour des Trees. Kristina’s experience and credentials will allow her to teach a variety of courses in the Stockbridge and UMass Arboriculture programs for two- and four-year students. Currently, she will teach the introductory and intermediate courses in Arboricul- ture, the seminar course, and handle all student internships. Kristina’s position was made possible in large part because of support from alumni/ae and professionals throughout New England. The Arboriculture faculty at Stockbridge and UMass are very grateful for your support of the program! Congratulations Tree Tech! Tree Tech, Inc., in Foxboro MA, is the first company in Massachusetts to earn TCIA’s Utility Contractor Accreditation designation. Tree Tech is one of only seven companies in the country to hold both the utility accredi- tation along with maintaining TCIA’s Accredited Status for over 12 consecutive years. Well done! Advisory Board seeks new members Norfolk Agricultural High School is seeking new members of their advisory board. They’re looking to build a strong connection between the school and industry professionals and are seeking representatives from all area of the green industry. Interested? Contact Nicole Forsyth at: MAA NEWS / December 2018 15