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M E M B E R S P O T L I G H T In this issue of the MAA News, we are so happy to catch up with Bob Presutti, MCA owner of R.L. Presutti Consultants in Pittsfield, MA. Bob has been an MCA since 2014 and, despite his long drive from Pittsfield, hardly ever misses an MAA event! Thanks for contributing, Bob. Bob Presutti, MCA When did you join MAA? I joined in 2012. Owner R.L. Presutti Consultants Pittsfield, MA What was your first job in the industry? Pruning for my dad. What is the next “game-changer” you see on the horizon for the tree care industry? Mechanical removal of large limbs from ground level. This has the potential to greatly aid highway departments. Where did you go from there? Civil Engineering. I spent several years in the U.S. Army, doing construction management of large buildings, and then got back to trees in 1998. What’s your favorite tree? Why? The American Elm. First identified to me by my parents. Elms surrounded our home and lined the streets. My school was in a place called Elmwood. Who was your mentor when you were first starting out in the business, and why? My dad. He knew trees and how to handle tough situations. My dad introduced me to grafting in 1942. Recently, it has been Ron Yaple, MCA of Race Mountain Tree Service in Sheffield who mod- ernized my attitude toward safety. A mentor does not need to be older than you. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? Join MAA by Ron Yaple! What advice would you share with people starting out in arboriculture today? Keep an open mind about new research and give it a fair trial. Changes can be uncomfortable, but persist in doing the best work possible. Periodically, donate your skills to a worthwhile cause. Over time, the rewards will amount to greatness. Since the beginning of your career, what is the biggest change you’ve seen in the tree care industry? The long reach of lift platforms continues to be breath taking. What’s your favorite/most useful Equipment? The helmet with ear protection. Comfortable every day with added protection. Product? Whole tree chips. Undisturbed, they greatly improve the environment for a tree. What do you enjoy most about being an MAA member? Meeting and listening to what the members say about arboricul- ture. The new members have interesting experiences and the older have good information and fun stories to share. Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow MAA members? I may be the only MAA member who has taken down a tall tree with a 3.5'' rocket. It is surprising how many people in the military are against unnecessary tree removal. American Elm The MAA offers sponsorship opportunities for industry vendors at all educational events, as well as advertising in our newsletter. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship and advertising, or know a vendor who should be involved, please contact the MAA office: or (508) 653-3320. MAA NEWS / December 2018 13