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Asian Longhorned Beetle (continued from page 12) Members of the arborist community that work in and around the Regulated Area in Worcester County should be sure to stay up to date on ALB compliance training, to ensure they do not spread the beetle to new areas. Compliance training sessions are offered twice a month in Worcester at no charge. Call 508- 852-8090 for details. Winter is a good time to check trees for signs of ALB damage since more of the tree is visible once the leaves drop off. If you see signs of ALB damage, report it at or call 866-702-9938. The more people who are educated and aware, the sooner this pest can be eradicated. To learn more about Asian longhorned beetle, visit: ❖ pestFAQsheets/asianlonghorned.html ❖ resources/pests-diseases/ asian-longhorned-beetle Keep an eye out for Spotted Lanternfly! Spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, “SLF”) is an invasive planthopper native to Asia that was first discovered in Pennsylvania in September 2014. It has since been detected in Delaware and New York, with established populations also found in Virginia and New Jersey. It feeds on over 70 plant varieties. Though not yet found in Massachusetts, it poses a threat to our state’s nursery and agriculture industries. ● As the spread continues, MAA members are encouraged to learn more: about this pest: ● Report any suspicious findings to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) via the invasive pest reporting form: For free outreach materials to distribute to your business, please contact Forest Pest Outreach Coordinator, Javier Marin at MAA NEWS / December 2018 11