Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2016 - Page 137

at Caribbean Gems is very simple – high quality merchandise, excellent customer service, genuinely friendly staff and extremely competitive pricing. quality gems and unique pieces. By visiting the shows, they are able to personally hand select many of the amazing pieces their clients have coveted and requested over the years. Their taste has found wide appeal among their many clients who return to St. Maarten regularly on vacation and visit their store, confident they’ll find a treasured piece. This has been the mission statement of Caribbean Gems and now, thirty-three years later a new generation has joined the Company. Ahasan, the first son of Neelam and Manu, who carries the noteworthy title of Graduate Gemologist from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is continuing to espouse the values of his parents, ensuring that their legacy lives on. He previously worked in the diamond industry on New York’s famous 47th Street and has brought this knowledge and expertise of the industry to the family business in St. Maarten. With this new addition to the business, you can be assured that Caribbean Gems will continue to flourish. Many visitors who own time shares in St. Maarten have become regular clients. Their vacation is never complete until they’ve visited Caribbean Gems, sometimes accompanied by friends. Manu believes cruise ship travellers oftentimes choose a cruise itinerary only because there is a stop-off in St. Maarten which gives them the opportunity to visit Caribbean Gems. The staff of this store is one of the main reasons so many customers return, time and time again. Their warm, welcoming demeanour presents a family atmosphere converting once mere customers into friends. As one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean, Caribbean Gems invite visitors from around the world to visit their beautiful St. Maarten. When you get there, do pay them a visit. We guarantee you’ll love all they have to offer. Reading reviews of Caribbean Gems on Tripadvisor, gives you an insight into why there are so many return customers! [http://bit.ly/1Tk01eZ] The formula 133