Mê Thú Cưng - Pet Magazine for Vietnam Native Dogs in Vietnam Issue - Page 71

Expats Pet Owner’s Guide for Vietnam accepted my presence and did not bark anymore. It Briefly describe your breeding was then that I knew that this dog possessed unique techniques evolving from a deeper characteristics that I have never experienced in all my 40 understanding of the Phu Quoc dog? living with dogs. In the breeding of any dog you must provide the best In your opinion what is one of the most living conditions. It is best to build sturdy, secure kennel striking characteristics of a Phu Quoc enclosures and provide a large space where the dogs can run and socialize with a pack. Phu Quoc dogs are Dog? One characteristic of a Phu Quoc dog that which was very amazingly energetic and need to release that energy surprising is the cleanliness and strength of a birthing in run and play with others. Also, you must provide the mother. I witnessed our own Phu Quoc pregnant bitch best nutrition, including dietary supplements, to keep all give birth to 6 puppies (we source breeding females dogs feeling and looking healthy for that inner and outer from Phu Quoc Island). Within the first weeks, the beauty. I cook my own dog food, taste it, maintaining a birthing area was clean of urine and defecation, never daily routine of feeding with exact proportions according a trace of ‘puppy odour’ whatsoever. The birth of the to each dog’s requirements. I coddle and nurture my puppies seem so natural and effortless for the mother. dogs, spending quality time with my expectant mothers Once the puppies were birthed the mother would lick and then with their puppies, not so much different from them completely clean and removing all traces of the the care and attention you would provide in raising your birth in the surrounding area. I have never quite seen own children. The outcome are dogs that are sociable this attention to detail and efficiency of a birthing female with people and other dogs and able to be quickly accepted by a loving family or individual. dog. Mê Thú Cưng | Volume 01 2017 | methucung.vn 71