Mê Thú Cưng - Pet Magazine for Vietnam Native Dogs in Vietnam Issue - Page 70

URBAN PETS Living with Pets in Vietnam EXPATQ&A R udiger Z abler Searching for perfection in the breeding of the Vietnamese Phu Quoc Dog There are many attractions that keep Expats living in Vietnam. Whether from an interest in the culture, the food, the love of a person or the simple delight of living in a warm, tropical environment. For one Expat, Rudiger Zabler from Germany, a surprisingly and unexpected passion and dedication was developed for a rare native breed of dog of Vietnam, literally unknown outside this country. Rudiger is a Expat handler, trainer, breeder and enthusiastic student of the Phu Quoc Dog (Vietnamese Ridgeback dogs). His Zabler Kennels located in the Cu Chi district of Saigon currently homes over 40 dogs. Rudiger, living in Vietnam for over eight years has dedicated six of these years to the understanding of this dog. He remains committed, mentions he will remain in Vietnam close to the origins of these dogs from Phu Quoc Island, wanting to be part of the history in the acceptance and establishment of this dog breed internationally. We recently spoke to Rudiger as he was preparing for an upcoming VKA (Vietnam Kennel Association) sponsored Vietnam Championship Dog Show in Saigon, where he has participated since 2013 winning various awards from his dogs. When and where was your first encounter with a Phu Quoc dog and your initial impressions? was instantly attracted to the unique ‘ridge’ along their backs, impressed by their agile movement, powerful stance and ‘look of intelligence’. My first direct encounter was at my resort, where one particular dog barked furiously at me at first and then slowly acknowledged and identified my smell. Later when I went down to the beach and returned to my room this same dog quickly It was during my first vacation on Phu Quoc Island, in 2007, that I first became aware of this breed of dog. I first saw a few of these dogs roaming around the island and 70 Mê Thú Cưng | Tập 01 2017 | methucung.vn