Mê Thú Cưng - Pet Magazine for Vietnam Native Dogs in Vietnam Issue - Page 68

URBAN PETS Living with Pets in Vietnam ALERT! a cautionary tale your dogs are still at risk The brutal dog-napping, agonizing rescue and joyous reunion with family of my dog, Basant. By Tanya Pisarchuk Hanoi. February 16, 2017. A couple of weeks ago our dog was kidnapped only a hundred meters from my house during a daily walk. The kidnappers threw a lasso over and pulled my dog onto their motorbike and sped away. It all happened in seconds. My dog was only five meters from my reach and I could do nothing. It’s hard to describe how the whole family felt that evening. Children were crying, I blamed myself for letting the dog run without a leash, as my friend Nadia was calling friends trying to make a plan of action. At night, my heart stopped beating rhythmically, I could not sleep as I reflected again and again on photos of my Basant, being slowly pulled into darkness. In the morning we started our search. The first thing we did was hang flyers with contact details on each wall in the area of the dog-napping and then posted the same details on my Facebook account. Our friends advised us to consider ransom, greed is the only thing that motivates dog-nappers. Then we visited all the dog selling venues we knew in Hanoi. We saw dozens of stolen dogs crammed in tiny cages, sometimes two or three in one cage. We did not go to those places where dogs are butchered for ‘dog meat restaurants’ because Basant is an expensive dog breed, a Vietnamese Phu Quoc dog and we knew that they would not him for dog meat. I know it sounds weird, but his pedigree and his ‘value’ saved his life. On the second day we went to a dog “shelter” in Ha Dong that our friends passed by accidentally. There we gave our flyer to the owner and were about to leave, but then my friend Slava said, “Let’s have a cig”. We had none at the time so it took a while to buy cigarettes and begin smoking. This time delay gave us a break. We saw a guy on a bike and this guy came directly to us and told us that he saw the photos of our dog and we understood what he wanted. I said, “we will give you money, so make the call”. He nodded happily. An hour 68 Mê Thú Cưng | Tập 01 2017 | methucung.vn later he called to a Vietnamese friend and said that the dog is no longer in Hanoi but in Bach Ninh and sold to someone else. We immediately began to investigate Bach Ninh and found a dog club there. We copied all the names and phone numbers found at their Facebook page and were about to leave when this guy called again from Ha Dong. He said instead of our offer of 5 million VND, they want 10 million and he wanted us to sign a statement that he just worked for us and helped to find your dog. We said, “first we see the dog, then you receive money”. At this stage of the negotiations, I remembered a book by Gavin Kennedy ‘Everything is Negotiable’ as well as several movies about kidnapping. The idea of negotiating with these criminals is not to agree to their terms. In conclusion, in theory it all sounds great, but when you receive a video where you see your dog whining in a cage much too small in size, then reassuring theories disappear. We were ready and willing to pay. Our children said that if we need money, they have “pocket money”. I had 6.5 million VND from the sale of a motorbike, which I sold the day before. So we collected 10 million but we wanted to make sure our dog was alive. Then, we went to meet these people…. They arrived together to the meeting, this guy and his wife. I know that it was his wife, as this guy is not quite smart posting on his Facebook accounts pictures of his wife, child and even passport. I have posted on my own Facebook page complete details of this man and his wife. I want him, and others to, be scared the rest of his life for their horrible actions. Honestly, when I saw them, I immediately calmed down. Because they looked scared to death, his eyes were running, and his stupid bitch of a wife was nervously saying, something which I could not quite understand. Once I said, “shut the f*** up”. For Slava and myself we had nothing to worry about, we had the money and I know that I will give