Mê Thú Cưng - Pet Magazine for Vietnam Native Dogs in Vietnam Issue - Page 66

URBAN PETS Living with Pets in Vietnam Owning and living with a dog and cat in Vietnam can feel like you live in a urban jungle, with threats of pet-napping, guerilla warfare with your neighbours , landlords and endless encounters with ‘boobytraps’ and cultural ‘mindbombs’. Expats should never assume that owning a pet is similar to past experiences of raising pets from other so called developed countries. Prepare for ‘pet culture shock’ and never assume anything! Urban Pets presents a helpful guide to pet ownerhsip for Expats living in Vietnam. There are articles from Expats sharing their pet ownership experiences in Vietnam and from their past through self-penned Q&A interviews; various pet ownership lifestyle articles and features on the business and entrepreneurial side of things. there of profiles on people in the business of providing Pet Care services and products in Vietnam. We also have ‘pet classified’ called the Pet Yellow Pages Vietnam with pet product and services reviews to help you live with your pet in Vietnam. All written in English. Enjoy! Native Dogs of Vietnam T here are a few living national treasures in Vietnam that people know very little. They have their origins and history steeped in myth, legend and folklore from indigenous cultures. They are brave and strong hunters, fierce protectors and loyal companions of local peoples from the southernmost point of the Kiên Giang Province and Phu Quoc Island to the mountainous, highland regions of the northern Lao Cai and Hà Giang provinces. They are the native dog breeds of Vietnam, respectively, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback, the H’mong and the Bac Ha. This is part one of two articles. We will briefly introduce all dogs featuring the sexy, long-legged canine star from the south, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. The second article will feature Vietnam’s unknown ‘Northern Dog Breeds’ - the Bac Ha and H’mong. Bac Ha Dog If there is any one of these dogs more obscure and lesser known, it is the Bac Ha dog of Lao 66 Mê Thú Cưng | Tập 01 2017 | methucung.vn Cai Province. They are prized for being highly intelligent and easy to train. They could be easily classified as a Northern dog breed of Vietnam possessing very thick fur in the colors of black, gray, tan and brindle. They originate from the cold, damp treacherous mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam and their physical appearance reflects this geography. Bac Ha breeders do not recommend this breed to live in Southern Vietnam due to the intense heat and humidity that could cause severe skin rashes and loss of fur.