Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 76

Rancho Daimari PlaceS of Interest Located on Aruba’s remote northeast coast, Rancho Daimari offers visitors exciting horseback riding and although the terrain can be rugged and steep, they cater to all riders regardless of their abilities or experience. Locations which can be visited on horseback include Arikok National Park, Andicuri Beach, the Natural pool and an assortment of sand dunes. Boca Prins Although the sea off the coast of Boca Prins is considered too dangerous for swimmers, it does offer an excellent spot for picnics with exciting views of the dramatic limestone cliffs. The large dunes which have been sculptured by the winds, offer visitors an exciting ride down their peaks to the narrow strip of sand with its crashing surf. When visiting this unspoiled location, it is recommended that a four wheel drive vehicle is used. Photo Credit: Leigh T. © Rancho Daimari