Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 692

Tobago Heritage Festival Mid-July to August 1 The Tobago Heritage Festival is the most anticipated event on Tobago’s cultural calendar, running for two weeks from mid-July to August 1. It is the premier cultural event on the island, with a new theme every year. What event gives you the chance to be part of a 18th-century-style wedding procession, listen to lively storytelling, sample Tobagonian delicacies, get the inside scoop on obeah, and jig to the rhythms of tambrin drum and fiddle? Why, the Tobago Heritage Festival, of course! Drag yuh bow, Mista Fiddla! Started in 1987, this festival is dedicated to preserving the cultural traditions of the people of the island. In addition to the opening and closing nights, the productions take you to different villages for dances, food, music, storytelling and other traditions.The festival serves not only as entertainment, but a way of teaching and passing on communal values and customs. Each village produces an event showcasing the island’s unique traditions. The action moves nightly from village to village, with communities presenting local traditions of dance, drama, music, storytelling and food. Typical presentations are the Ole Time Tobago Wedding in Moriah, Folk Tales and Superstitions in Golden Lane and Les Coteaux, Games We Used to Play, Salaka Feast and Invocation Dance. Moriah wedding, pictured here is a re- enactment of what weddings on Tobago were like in days of old. Click here for a colourful description of the Ole Time Weding in Moriah. Excerpts taken from: © MEP Publishers Tobago festivals & holidays | Discover Trinidad & Tobago and www.tobagoheritagefestival.com Photo Credit: www.tobagoheritagefestival.com