Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 660

EVENTS TRINIDAD JUNE /JULY TT Opera Festival 1.341 million (2013) 5,131 sq. kilometers SIZE The Picoplat Music Development Foundation presents ‘The Magic Flute by Mozart’. www.ttoperafest.com OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY JULY POPULATION English CURRENCY Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (1 US dollar equals 6.65 Trinidad & Tobago Dollars) Big 5: The Pan Concert Port of Spain Featuring Panorama bands, Trinidad All Stars, Desperadoes, Renegades, Phase II and Exodus. AVERAGE TEMPERATURE 270 C / 80.60 F AUGUST Carib Santa Rosa Festival This festival pays tribute to and exposes the culture of the First Peoples of the New World, the Caribs. The ceremonies include the crowning of the Carib Queen (an elder matron of the Carib community who performs the role of focusing their heritage and traditions); a church procession, traditional and ritual activities, smoke ceremonies and prayer; as well as the opportunity to see the preparation of, and purchase cassava bread. Additional information www.ttconnect.gov.tt SEPTEMBER Michael Phillips Republic Day Cycling Classic Local and international cyclists will be participating in this event. For more information: email ttcyclingfederationtto@gmail.com Photo Credit: TripAdvisor