Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 602

Diving and Snorkeling St. Lucia’s underwater world offer divers the opportunity to explore the fascinating array of marine life that lie in its waters. Here are some diving and snorkeling sites you can visit: Saline Point This site is the most northerly site on the island, located in front of the LeSport Hotel. This site is also good for snorkeling. Scorpion Fish, Pufferfish, schools of Grunts, rays and eels can be seen here. Beach entry is possible at this site. The site starts shallow at 20 feet and gradually gets deeper, 40 - 60 feet. Smugglers’ Cove There is a nice secluded sandy beach making this an ideal beginners dive. Further out, diving from the boat, maximum depth is around 40ft/12m and there are lots of trenches and shelves. This is home to Flying Gurnard, Lobster and large Trumpetfish. Bird’s Rock This rock is popular with the island’s seagull population. Eagle Rays, huge barracudas, Parrotfish, lobsters and many other tropical fish are seen at this site.