Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 534

Corossol A charming little village, with houses cozily huddled together at the bay, Corossol is a very pretty picture. This image appears peaceful and indeed, it is a village that is serene as it is picturesque. Here, the tradition of weaving latanier leaves to create hats and baskets is still widely practiced. These craft items make great souvenirs. Straw Weaving Weaving items from straw has been a part of the St. Barths culture as far back as 1890. Around 1925, a lady from neighbouring St. Maarten visited the island and taught the ladies of St. Barths how to make Panama hats and how to braid and manipulate the braided straw to create impressive baskets, hats, pocketbooks, fans and other items. Straw weaving is primarily done by the older ladies on the island - an exercise that requires patience a-plenty. Being such an intricate procedure, the weaving is done with love and care and represents more than just a craft made of straw. It is tradition unique to St. Barths and the younger generation are encouraged to learn from the older hands to ensure the tradition lives on. Photo Credit: St. Barth Tourism