Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 530

Kitesurfing at Grand Cul de Sac Beach PlaceS of Interest Colombier Beach (Anse de Colombier) As the surrounding area was once owned by John Rockefeller, to some, Colombier Beach is still referred to as “Rockefeller’s Beach” but today anyone who wants to visit can get a boat or hike for half an hour to get to it, and they are welcome to do so. Although a great place for a picnic, it is a remote location so take all you’ll need with you including food and drink. Photo Credit: Veraqua Grand Cul de Sac Beach offers shallow, clear waters which are ideal for watersports of many kinds. Although kayaking and windsurfing are also popular in the lagoon, because of the presence of a kitesurfing school, it is perhaps becoming the most popular activity in recent years. Whichever sport you choose you can relax afterwards and re-energize yourself at one of the restaurants that fringe the beach.