Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 520

Every year, Saba Carnival is held the last week of July. Visitors can put this in their calendar and plan to visit the island to experience the festivities, as a spectator or a participant. Leading up to the week of carnival celebrations, events are held to put you in the “carnival mood”. So, when planning your visit, add a week or two to your itinerary. Get there at least one week before and plan to stay one week after carnival. You’ll be treated to: Parades Troupes Music Food, and more . . . all in a safe, festive atmosphere, enjoyed with the friendly people of Saba. Contact the Ministry of Tourism for more carnival information or visit their Facebook page. Not sure where to stay? Contact Albert + Michael of Saba Island Properties. They will guide you towards the perfect vacation rental for your Saba Summer Adventure!