Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 518

Ms. Lucy Hassell, Manager T Saba Artisans Foundation he Saba Artisan Foundation (SAF) is a silk screen operation established by the United Nations in the early 70’s to create employment for some of the unemployed back then. At the Saba Artisan Foundation, one can find manually hand screened fabrics, T-shirts, bags, ladies and men’s apparel and much more. Saba is also known for it’s Saba Lace work that is hand-made and also sold at SAF. When visiting the SAF, if one has the time and is interested, you will learn how the operation works from beginning to end. You will also be able to witness the printing of some of their products. One of the items at the SAF that usually arouses curiosity is their Saba Spice which is the local liqueur made on the island from a recipe that has been handed down through generations over the years. It comes in different flavors such as Ginger, Banana, Vanilla, Guava berry, Caribbean Mix and Guava. Guava Jelly is also made in many homes. All of the above is available at the Saba Artisan Foundation where you will be welcomed and gracefully assisted by its friendly employees. SAF is located in The Bottom, the capital village of Saba. Just ask your taxi driver and he will take you there. You may contact the manager, Ms. Lucy Hassell by phone on: +599-416-2311 or +599-416-3260 You can also visit them on Facebook * The building is currently being repaired due to damages caused by last year’s hurricanes.