Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 502

Experience the Cliffs PlaceS of Interest Saba Artisan Foundation Lace work is a popular activity for islanders and exhibits of their work can be found in The Bottom’s Saba Art Foundation. Although lacework is by far the more popular activity, exhibits of beautiful, local paintings and ceramics are also on display. For those visitors who enjoy shoppping, the foundation also has a shop where similar items like those on display can be bought, allowing visitors to take part of the island’s culture home with them. Image Source: saba-news.com At one time Saba’s only port was served by a customs house several hundred steps up the Cliffside from what became known as Ladder Bay. Although today accessing the island is not so tiring or dramatic, visitors often opt to climb the Ladder in order to experience what island life used to be like and also to enjoy the views the steps offer of the bay. With its twists and turns, the ladder also offers a glimpse of how nature manages to cling to rocky cliffs. Photo Credit Z.ePhotography