Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 446

places of interest Montserrat National Museum Having had to move its location from Plymouth Town to Little Bay in the 1990’s, the Museum now includes a section dedicated to Soufriere Hills and its eruptions which is certainly an eye-opener for any visitor. Other exhibits in the museum portray the island’s history going back to pre-historic Amerindian tribal times with their petroglyphs and through the period in later centuries when the British and French were struggling with each other for ownership of the island. Bat Cave Image Source: montserratnationaltrust.ms Either by swimming or by taking a 40 minute hike from Little Bay, you can reach the island’s only white sandy beach which is home to what is known as Bat Cave. The cave actually consists of two caves, one which is home to female Antillean fruit-eating bats and their young, and the other, home to the males of the species. There are thousands of them! Apart from seeing the bats, the beach in that area, whose waters are rich with marine life and coral, also offers some great snorkeling opportunities Photo Credit: Mishael Roedel