Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 378

https://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=wt9vsk82yqE&feature=y outu.be Official video for My Dream NESBETH Jamaican Reggae Singer G rowing up in Trench Town, Jamaica, Nesbeth embraced music. It was the sunshine in his life and he soon discovered it can be used to communicate and provide comfort to himself and others. He recorded his first single, “Reflection Of Love” in 1993 with singer Camera and since then has gathered an impressive list of accomplishments. Over the years, Nesbeth has been able to connect with his audience through joyful, socially conscious music. During the past two decades, he has been a force at international festivals such as “Reggae The Hit Song, “My Dream” “The motivation to produce that song derived from the fighting spirit within me that keeps pushing me even when I feel like letting go. It’s always reminding me that things are going to be ok.” - Nesbeth Sumfest”, “Bob Marley Birthday Bash”, “Sting”, “Rebel Salute” in Jamaica, “Irie Jamboree” in New York, “Reggae Summerfest” in Washington D.C.”, “New Jersey Reggae Fest” and at venues in After losing his mother to cancer in 2014, Nesbeth said goodbye to his beloved sister and also his wife, in 2016. His debut album will be released this year and the title of that album will be A.M.E.N., the acronym of his late wife AnnMarie Elliott Nesbeth. The album’s name is also a reflection of his family’s trust in a higher power which was a central part of Annmarie’s way of life and beliefs. The lead track is also called AMEN and it is all about her. Nesbeth’s world-renown My Dream and Success Story, which he wrote with his good friend, Merrick Shaw, will be on his album as well. Nesbeth said, “all in all, its going to be a masterpiece. I’m in the studio finishing up and the aim is for it to be amongst the batch of the most authentic albums ever”. Ottawa/Canada, Antigua, Saint Kitts, Anguilla, Grenada and cities throughout the United Kingdom. “...I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me over the years” - Nesbeth