Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 348

Saut-Mathurine places of interest Kokoye Beach Every travel brochure around the world would like to be able to show a picture of the idyllic Kokoye Beach with its turqoise waters and fine white sand, fringed with luscious, tall palm trees swaying with the wind. What makes this beach even better for its admirers is the fact that due to it being accessible only by boat or hiking, it never suffers from over-crowding. The drive to Saut-Mathurine can provide beautiful views of lush scenery but nothing can prepare them for the sight that greets them on their arrival. Fed by the Rivière de Cavaillon. Saut-Mathurine is the largest waterfalls in the region and not only provides a delight for the eyes but also provides access fpr swimming and paddling in its stream. Photo Credit: Nicholas D. © www.experiencehaiti.org Image Source: TripAdvisor