Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 302

Events MONSTERRAT JULY GRENADA Gouyave Fish of Friday Calendar Events 2016 Seafood lovers will enjoy this event held every Friday from 6:00 pm in the West coast town of Gouyave. This is a year-long event. CARRIACOU & PETITE MARTINIQUE POPULATION SIZE 105,897 (2013) 344 sq. kilometers OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY English CURRENCY Eastern Caribbean Dollar (1 US dollar equals 2.67 Eastern Caribbean ) St. George’s AVERAGE TEMPERATURE 280 C / 820 F JULY . Kiddies Carnival OCTOBER JULY . Mt. Moritz Community NOVEMBER Breakfast . Enjoy a true Grenadian breakfast in a lovely community setting in the village DECEMBER of Mt. Moritz. Held once per month, this event is an authentic island experience. Talk to your tour operators, enquire at your hotel or simply take a cab and ask them to take you up to Mt. Moritz breakfast. Deliciously Grenadian! AUGUST NOVEMBER Annual Carriacou Regatta Alliouaguana Literary Festival This Book four-day regatta and attracts local by and presentations readings guest international participants - work authors, storytelling under the stars, boats, open mike racing performances boats, sailing and yachts. and boats literary workshops. Click here for more information Rainbow City Festival DECEMBER The parish of St. Andrew comes alive every year during the first weekend of August Carnival with This a celebration of from culture, food, music., Festival runs mid-December until pageants and street parties. New Year’s Day, and is the climax of the year. Splendid summer Calypso competitions, the fun! Festival Queen competition, beauty and talent shows, and the parade of costumed troupes on New Year’s Day, as well as Masqueraders dancing Spicemas (Grenada Carnival) in the streets. As night falls, excitement The builds premier summer event, is up at street ‘jump ups’ ‘Spicemas’ informal dancing Grenadian cultural expression in all its glory, in the street, with exuberant crowds following a climaxing during second truck the playing loud Monday music. and Tuesday in August. Calypsonians, steel pan orchestras, beauty contestants, ‘fancy mas’ bands and others, perform and parade to compete for Carnival honors. AUGUST © Grenada Tourism Authority © Pure Grenada Photo Credit: Rein Ketelaars