Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 278

Dominca’s Hiking Trails Taking a journey through the trails of Dominica is an experience of natural wonders and rejuvenating hot springs. These trails are perfect for anyone desiring to connect with creatures and sights that remind us how big the world is. On over 300 miles of this mountainous island, you’ll find over a hundred species of vibrant birds, among other geographic sights, animals, and plants. Meant for all skill levels of hikers, travel the routes bursting with history related to everything from agriculture and community to the Kalinago people. Follow the beautiful trails to the pair of waterfalls located at Trafalgar Falls, known as mother and father. Climb the base of the falls or swim in the cool waters to relax your hiking muscles. If you need a little more adventure, take the walk to Middleham Falls through the center of the rainforest, passing colorful birds and luscious trees. Or you could take the hike to the glowing Emerald Pool. Enjoy several majestic hiking paths to different areas with rushing waterfalls and musical birds. If you’re ready for a challenge, explore the path of the Caribbean’s first long distance walking trail, the Wai’tukubuli National Trail. This massive adventure is 115 miles (184 km) long with fourteen different paths to take. Each path has exquisite sights of flora and fauna, as well as different levels of difficult terrain. Let yourself be consumed by the magic of rivers, waterfalls, mountain passes, and over 600 types of plants and animals. It can be a challenge to walk them all, but each one tells Middleham Falls a story of health, community, agritourism, and a rich cultural history. Marvel at the valleys, gardens, natural forest, and rushing river crossings. On the Wai’tukubuli, you’ll find a path that runs 10 km long from First Camp to Petite Macoucherie and is known to be the most difficult. If you’re an experienced hiker, follow the mountain range, see the birds soar across the sky, and stay the night at the cottages available. Discover rich farmland and forests packed with exhilarating views. Are you a bird watcher? Find the parrot habitat and see how many you can identify. Another trail you can venture is the Boiling Lake Trail where you’ll find the second largest natural cauldron of steaming hot water in the world. This trail takes six hours to complete, traveling through the rainforest, mountains, and valleys. Getting hungry? Stop for a meal at the Trois Pitons River, then head over to the glorious Titou Gorge. Follow the scalding Valley of Desolation to view geysers, hot springs, and the White River. If you need a break from these adventure- packed trails, wind down with some ziplining. Soar past the tall trees and over the rivers, feeling like the majestic birds. See if you can spot a hummingbird or a parrot, among the other exotic creatures. Travel through the beach or the quaint countryside learning about history on a trotting horse. Feel the rush of waves while river tubing or relax at a yoga class in the rainforest. Choose your adventure whether you want to test your skills on a hike or relax in the natural hot springs. On the Dominica trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy and unleash their passion for a thrilling experience.