Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 262

EVENTS JULY 6 - 15 DOMINICA POPULATION Dive Fest Roseau Dive Fest focuses attention on educating the public about the sport of Scuba Diving and raising awareness about Dominica’s stunning and unique marine environment. Activities include whale watching deals, special dive packages, underwater treasure hunts, snorkelling picnics, traditional canoe racing and marine educational tours. Email: walshs@cwdom.dm AVERAGE TEMPERATURE AUGUST SIZE 72,003 (2013) 754 sq. kilometers OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY English CURRENCY Eastern Caribbean Dollar (1 US dollar equals 2.67 Eastern Caribbean ) 260 C / 78.80 F Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair This event promotes increased awareness of reading, study and writing of all literary related forms including fiction, poetry, essay, memoir, playwriting, film and more… plus, publishing, as a viable career and pastime choices for Dominicans and others throughout the Caribbean region. Email: NILitFest@gmail.com WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19 Kalinago Week Kalinago Week is of great significance to the Carib people as it gives them an added opportunity to showcase and celebrate their Carib heritage SEPTEMBER 22 - 24 Titiwi Festival - Layou Layou’s annual Titiwi Festival celebrates the small fish known as the “Titiwi”. The people of Layou have been eating this little fish for decades and it has now become part of their heritage. They have built a unique local cuisine around this small fish and the Titiwi Festival gives everyone else a chance to taste it. Fun activities includes zip- lining accross the Layou River, ATV rides, boat rides, beach football, sack races, and more. There will be lots of food and drink available, as well as music and an art & crafts exhibition. Photo Credit: Torti1981