Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 258

Food ... The traditional food of the island is a culinary-cultural experience. For those who are interested in exploring the flavours that are reflective of the island’s diverse culture, head to a local restaurant and ask about polenta and fish, keshi yena (stufffed cheese - made with chicken, vegetables, seasonings and raisins), red snapper and stoba (stew - can be beef or the popular goat). Punda, Otrabanda, Piscadera and downtown Willemstad are some of the areas you’ll easily find local food. In addition to the local delicacies, there are many other meal options. Restaurants serving European, Cajun, Chinese, Creole, Cuban, Dutch, French, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Mediterreanan are found throughout the island. Foodies are in for a treat - Indulge! Photo Credit: Curacao Tourism Board