Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 240

Comandancia de la Plata Fidel Castro’s Secret Headquarters during the revolution It will be well worth the four hour climb through the woods to witness what was once Fidel Castro’s headquarters while fighting the Batista Government in 1958. Located in the mountains of Sierra Maestra, it is still the same as it was when Castro left there. His house will be seen to have no less than seven escape routes. There are also the huts occupied by the rebels and a hospital which was founded by Che Guevara. Buildings are preserved as a museum. A Traveller shares his experience... We did the full one day trip leaving at 5:00 am but there is an overnight trip available as well. Our guides picked us up by jeep and travelled the 3 hours north of the Sierra Maestra to Bayamo then pack down south again into the mountains to the village at the base of the mountains called Santo Domingo. There is a beautiful hotel there at the gate of Tourquino National park. Many people stay over night since travelling from Santiago or Holguin is roughly 3 hours each way. The hotel looked very nice. Rustic but clean with beautiful views and a small river running beside it. There is a nice little restaurant there as well where we had lunch. Our guides drove us from Santo Domingo up a steep road to the beginning of the trail to the camp. There is a parking lot there where taxis and guides wait with their cars. From there you can either take a trail to Pico Tourquino or La Comandancia. We went to Fidel's camp with a park guide. The trail is 3 km long each way and is worth the trip by itself with this stunning views. The camp itself is spread out and made up of about 7 or 8 small buildings including Fidel’s private Casa. I can't recommend this tour enough. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you are prepared for the trip. The trail itself isn't a super hard hike but it is uphill and the terrain is rocky or muddy at times. If you have hiking boots great but we just used our running shoes and were fine. The trail is somewhat cooler too because of the tree cover and altitude but we did build up a good sweat with it. Excerpt taken from TripAdvisor, submitted by Canadian traveller, Lyndon. ©TripAdvisor