Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 136

Chef Sean Kuylen Sean was born in the Mestizo and Maya Northern District of Corozal. He later relocated with his family to Dangriga, a town consisting predominantly of the Garifuna culture. At school, he became immersed in the rich Afro-Carib culture of that region, and by his teenage years, started to appreciate their music and language. In 2004, Sean left Belize for culinary school and returned with a new, eager appreciation of all the cultures and food Belize had to offer. He revisited the people, this time not as a musician playing at their respective Food Festivals such as the Cacau, Mango, Taco, Rum, Turmeric, Tamale, Lobster and Cashew Festivals - yes, there are festivals for all these foods, but now as a chef! He simply started to substitute and apply the science of cooking which resulted in the birth of his now 100% focus on Belizean Cuisine. Over the years, Sean has amassed an impressive and diverse portfolio ranging from unique Sere Lasus (seafood broth) restaurants to high volume resorts and high-end boutique properties in the US, Belize, Dominica and St. Vincent and The Grenadines. He has ably represented Belize’s Cuisine in Mexico, El Salvador, the U.S. and Taiwan. He is a contributing author of recipes and television cooking videos to the Flavors of Belize Cookbook, B’un B’un Cookbook in the country of Barbados, the Belize Hospital Auxiliary Cookbook and recently, is the Culinary Host to his own traveling television series called Great Belize Cooking. You’ll find Chef Sean and his culturally appropriate menus in his unique mobile catering kitchen, travelling around the country to food festivals and corporate events. Chef Sean’s success comes from fusing Western culinary traditions and techniques with a native understanding of Caribbean & Central American ingredients, food and cultures. His innovative and exuberant approach in the kitchen continues to motivate future chefs and carve him a place in the world of food through his signature interpretation of Inspired Belizean Cuisine.