Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 124

Oistins Friday Nights in Barbados The place to be on any Friday night in Barbados, is at Oistins, a fishing village located on the island’s south coast. This is the venue of the renowned Friday Night Fish Fry which attracts locals and visitors in droves. The atmosphere, the smell, the music, the energy, the people, the food - all combine to make this Friday night hang-out, special. Here you’ll find the perfect opportunity to delve into local food, and there will be lots. You will also have the opportunity to socialize with Bajans and experience their hospitality and humour. But it’s not all about food. There’s drinks - how about some rum punch or rum and coke - music and dancing? Visiting during any day of the week is also recommended. The festive Friday night atmosphere will have whittled down to a snooze on those days. Walking around the sleepy village, you can purchase souvenirs or visit the bay and chat with the fishermen you may meet there. The fish market may be an interesting experience as you can observe the locals buying/selling a variety of fish, fresh from the ocean. The purchased fish will be gutted and cleaned quite professionally by the fish vendor before handing it over to the buyer. While exploring the area, you may just see fishing boats being hauled in with the day’s catch. A trip to Oistins is a must when visiting Barbados. Photo Credit: Tatiana K.