Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2018 - Page 112

Historical Walking Tour of Bridgetown PlaceS of Interest Mount Gay Signature Rum Tour The Mount Gay Visitor Center offer tours where you can learn about the history of the rum and also its importance to the island. After learning of the rum’s history which includes a short film, you will be given the option to try a full sampling of the different rums but whether you opt to or not, you will still receive two samples after you have witnessed the bottling process. You should arrive at the Errol Barrow Statute in Independence Square, Bridgetown 15 minutes before your tour is due to start in order to afford you time to get your headsets for the guided tour and any snacks you may need for its two hour duration. On the tour you will learn of the first English settlers on the island in 1628, visit the Parliament buildings, the Bridgetown Synagogue, Chamberlain Bridge and other historic landmarks. Barbados’ historic ties to England up until its independence in 1966 is a captivating story and the British influence will be pointed out during the tour. A sumptuous local lunch awaits at the end of the two-hour excursion. Photo Credit: Brad H. Photo Credit: Wikiwand