Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2017 - Page 600

Cassava Dumplings (Makes 6 servings) CASSAVA DUMPLING INGREDIENTS 3 cups of flour ½ c finely grated cassava 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp brown sugar & Curried Crab PREPARATION Place all ingredients in a bowl and gradually add room temperature water and knead into a stiff dough and set aside. Set up a pot to boil water adding salt and a little vegetable oil. Using a rolling pin, roll dough onto a flat floured surface about ½ inch thick and, using a sharp knife cut into squares. For a fancy finish you can use a cookie cutter of your favorite shape ( I like hearts ) When the water boils, add the dumplings and keep stirring periodically. When the dumplings start floating to the top, allow them to cook for 10 more mins and they should be done. Strain and allow cool water to run over them and set aside. CURRIED CRAB INGREDIENTS 2 lbs crab meat (not precooked) curry powder fresh chadon beni / cilantro 2 medium onions diced garlic, peeled pimento peppers / flavor peppers coconut milk vegetable oil salt for taste PREPARATION Using a food processor, mince chadon beni/cilantro, peppers and garlic together To the defrosted crab meat, squeeze ½ lime and add some of the minced seasoning mix along with salt and a small piece of scotch bonnet pepper for a kick (this is optional) In an iron pot, heat vegetable oil on medium to high heat, add about 3 tbsp of curry powder and allow to darken. Add the minced seasoning and onions, stir and allow to simmer for a bit Add the seasoned crab, mix into the curry (add a little water to create a gravy) When it is almost cooked add about 2 tbsp of coconut milk for rich Caribbean flavor.