Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 92

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Dominica’s Caribbean-Pop Band since 2012

How did you decide on the name
Breve? What does it mean?

Tell us about your style of music
We call our style “Caribbean-Pop” which is
essentially the culmination of enthralling melodies
and Caribbean rhythms, merged with masked
idioms of African folk, jazz and pop.

In musical terminology a breve is a note equivalent
to two whole notes. The name Breve was chosen
with the intent on having a multiple impacts. Firstly
by definition, the word “breve” implies in music, a
note lasting as long as two whole notes. Secondly, it’s
a single syllable word making it easy to remember
or say by almost anyone regardless of the language
they speak. Thirdly because it is homophonous to
the word “breathe” it could be easily used for group
slogans such as “Come breve with us!” or “Music is
life…Life means Breve in!”

What and/or who influences your
Our style of music is influenced by the rhythms of
the Caribbean as well as our individual musical,
social and cultural backgrounds.