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conch and simmer until potatoes are al dente. Add
parsley, season and stir in cream.
For a second year Colleen Simpson has
assisted with the judging of the Magic Mango
Menu Competition. She is a highly respected
instructor chef at the Antigua & Barbuda
Hospitality Training Institute and runs her
own wayside café called Cool Breeze in her
hometown, Freemans Village. In 2007 Colleen
won 1st prize in the chef’s category for the
Medical Benefits Healthy Recipe Competition.

A graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
(SAIT) in Calgary Alberta. Formerly sous Chef at
the Blue Waters Hotel and Spa, where she worked
for ten years. Chef Collen taught at the Antigua and
Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute for five years as
a Chef Instructor. She now the Executive Chef for the
Antigua National School Meals Programme, Previously
owned an operated a road side snackette called “Cool
Breeze”, she is now the owner of Ola’s Catering Service
located also in Freeman’s Village. She is also the author
of a cookbook entitled “A Likkle Bit A Dis and A Likkle
Bit A Dat.


Colleen has also published her own Caribbean
Cook Book called “A Likkle Bit of This & a Likkle
Bit a Dat”. Her recipe for Conch Chowder and
many other recipes can be found within its
pages. Colleen’s book can be bought at the
Blue Waters Hotel gift shop.
Happy cooking!

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Lauren is an award-winning
veteran journalist with a
background in Corporate and
Internet Communications. She is
currently at work on blogs, articles
and websites across industries,
and she loves to travel to the
Caribbean with her husband.
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Yzanne who lives on the island of Tobago, is the first
person on her island to publish a cookbook based
completely on “Dasheed/Taro”. To date, she has won a
total of thirty-three prizes in both the Annual Tobago
Blue Food Festival & the Tobago Culinary Festival. Her
book is called “Taste of Tobago”

In 1988, British born Janice Barber Ryan made a career
and lifestyle change from dental nursing and medical
sales, when she and her husband moved to St. Kitts
in the West Indies and bought a 300-year old derelict
plantation. After two years of loving restoration, they
opened it at first as an inn and called it The White
House and Janice pursued her passion for cooking,
very successfully, running its restaurant. Six years la ter,
in 1996, they opened another restaurant in the capital
of St. Kitts called the Georgian House. In 1998, Great
Chefs Television flew into St. Kitts to tape Chef Janice
at the White House for their production of Great Chefs
of the Caribbean for the Discovery Channel. Eventually
selling The White House and the Georgian House, Chef
Janice’s career new career picked up more steam. She
was in demand by many notable restaurants in both St
Kitts and Nevis, including Montpelier Plantation Inn in
Nevis, Golden Rock in Nevis and Nirvana in St Kitts. In
2013, Chef Janice took over running the restaurant at
the Hermitage Plantation Inn.

Shelley Townley is a freelance
writer, researcher and
Caribbeanophile. When she is
not sailing she is plotting her next
island sailing vacation. After a six
year stint as a Congressional Staffer
she is happily working at renovating
her two homes in North Carolina.
she currently and temporarily lives
in coastal NC with her husband and
their dog Skipper