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Top 20 Crop Over Must-Do's | Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

SHANA JONES SHARES HER Top 20 Crop Over Must-Do’s

We are in beautiful Barbados at this most exciting time of Crop Over! The
sweet, pulsating rhythms of soca (the upbeat regional music characteristic of
this festival), the engaging journey through the island’s history via captivating
cultural expos, and the tantalizing aromas of sweet and savoury at every
turn engulf the mind in wild enticement.
Spanning from June 25th to August 2nd, this festival originally
commemorating the end of the sugar cane harvest boasts a plethora of
events from energy-infused parties to relaxing steel-pan beach events, to
the climactic big parade along a 1km route of spectator-lined streets. Out of
this plethora comes my 20 DEFINITE must do´s to get my Crop Over on!
Here we go...


Brek-a-Day Photo Credit: Kurt Linton, Whappax Photography