Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 40

Elisa Lejuez | Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

Elisa started as a full time
artist in Aruba in 2000.
After graduating from art
school in Arnhem,
the Netherlands, she started
working as a textile designer in
1997/98. She felt that as an artist

one has to start somewhere so this that time, I had a special closet
job was perfect for her.
for all my painting stuff and now
many years later the closet has
“But I was already painting my been converted into a huge art
entire life - this started since I was studio which is still a part of my
a little girl. I was always painting house. Elisa reminisced, “once an
on the weekends. I remember at architect working on our house