Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 213

The Crater The Summit it to the top! Inhale... exhale....behold - a sweeping arc of light blue perched on pale green frames the fading everrising terrain to the west, seemingly a world away. The gentle ridged decline into the crater offers the pretense of an easy descent that can only be made from a point further along the crater rim. Not today, says my friend! I feel one step closer to heaven, to the One who has created this vast expanse of mountain cradling a smoldering dome-shaped behemoth of dark bush, from the side of which floats a thin veil of white smoke hinting at the scorching inferno underneath. And now, the journey The Summit On the way down back . . . I take one last panoramic glance, embracing the view of the rocky decline stretching out before me and merging onto the green hilly mountainside, on which my friend has become a miniature figure. Eager to not be left behind, I scamper down the slope to catch up with him and begin the exhilarating trek down. At the end of the trail, we claim victory with our triumphant poses and broad smiles. We´ve done it! After a quick snack, we start on the long drive down the winding road back to the highway, the once bright 209 green palms now evening-blackened shadows bidding us farewell from their lofty heights. Access Road - Leaving in the evening