Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 181

From the alluring Piton Mountains to the picturesque
landscape of the Pigeon Island, travellers to Saint Lucia
are mesmerized by the raw beauty of this Caribbean
island. With a tropical rainforest, one of the world’s
few drive-in volcanoes and breathtaking backdrops at every
glance, Saint Lucia is the ultimate destination for Canadians
looking for their next exotic getaway.
After a long winter, a recent study by the Saint Lucia Tourist
Board found that sun-starved Canadians are ready to bask in
the Caribbean sun and hit the beach the moment they arrive.
In fact, the survey found nearly 40 per cent of Canadians
pack a bathing suit in their carry-on just in case their luggage
doesn’t make it through. Saint Lucia’s natural landscape of
gorgeous palm-fringed beaches provides Canadians with
the ideal destination to relax on the beach and build lifelong

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The ultimate dream getaway for Canadians

Recognized as the Caribbean's Leading Honeymoon
Destination by the World Travel Awards for four of the last five
years, Saint Lucia has a natural ambiance that is perfect for an
unforgettable destination wedding, Caribbean honeymoon
or romantic weekend getaway.
Saint Lucia may be filled with soft sandy beaches, turquoise
water and striking sunsets, but the island has plenty to offer
travellers looking to explore more than the beach. The beauty
of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure:
mountains to climb, rainforests to explore, and an underwater
world to discover. Travellers can traverse the golf course, bike
along the steep mountain trail, jog along the beach like Usain
Bolt, or dance under the Caribbean stars.
For those interested in nature’s wonders, Saint Lucia possesses
a topography and ecology of stunning beauty matched
by no other location in the Caribbean. The island's pride
in its natural resources is evident in the country's ongoing
protection and conservation efforts. All sorts of nature hikes,
tours, and programs have been developed to showcase these
peerless assets, allowing visitors to enjoy the island without
harming its complex and fragile environment.
For Canadians, travel to this exotic gem is as easy as the light
Caribbean breeze with non-stop flights from Toronto and
Montreal and numerous connectors across the country.
Whether you're seeking a relaxing, tropical getaway or a more
adventurous, active vacation, Saint Lucia is the ideal place for
an exotic getaway. For more information on Simply Beautiful
Saint Lucia, visit www.stlucianow.ca.

Louis Lewis, Director of Tourism
St. Lucia Tourist Board