Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 147

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How do you raise awareness of Nevis
on the global market? What initiatives
and promotional strategies are you
employing to attract visitors?

Do you market the island of Nevis
to Western Canada? How accessible
is Nevis to Canadians? Are visas
required to visit?

We engage in every possible way via social media and
mainstream media. We also do targeted marketing
to groups which fit the demographic of the Nevisian
guest. We have also had good coverage of our serious
thrust with renewable energy and leading the way
in sustainable development. Of course the runaway
success of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” has also
thrust Nevis into the spotlight as the birthplace of
Alexander Hamilton.

Nevis is too small and too unique to
be all things to all people. We do not
propose to be the Las Vegas or the
Monte Carlo or the St Moritz of the
Caribbean. We are the Nevis of the
Caribbean. A small island proud of its
history and its heritage and welcoming
to visitors from far and near who
wish to experience a truly authentic
Caribbean island.


Nevis has a long history with Canada and
Canada has been a longtime friend to the island.
Indeed, Nevis’ leading flagship hotel is the Four
Seasons Resort, a quintessential Canadian brand.
Promotions in Canada have occurred albeit not
with the intensity that I would like. I am hopeful
that with the exposure in this publication we
can change that. Canadians do not need visas
to visit Nevis and we welcome Canadians to
come and experience the authentic Caribbean.
Indeed no less a Canadian than Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau chose Nevis as the location of his
very first family holiday after recently becoming
Canada’s Prime Minister. He and his lovely
family enjoyed first hand the pleasures of Nevis.
I certainly encourage other Canadians to also
come and enjoy this bit of paradise.

Any Canadian airline partners
servicing St. Kitts & Nevis?

Air Canada flies directly to St Kitts weekly
during the peak winter months but other
than that there are no established direct links.
Canadians however can fly via the US with US
carriers such as American Airlines, US Airways,
United Airlines. Canadians can also get to us
via JetBlue or Westjet into St Maarten or Puerto
Rico and then direct to Nevis.