Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 146

INTERVIEW with Minister of Tourism, Nevis Honourable Mark Brantley Do you speak for St. Kitts and Nevis or for Nevis only? I represent the island of Nevis as its tourism Minister having responsibility to articulate Nevis’ tourism vision and chart the course of what is the most significant economic engine for the island. Our sister island of St Kitts has its own unique tourism product and its own Minister of Tourism. Nevis has been referred to as the island of sport and also as one of the world’s 20 most romantic islands, which of the two would you say comes closest to your perception of your island? Nevis evokes memories of how the Caribbean used to be. Elegant, old world, charming. Our tag line is “Nevis Naturally” and we offer the discerning traveler a truly authentic Caribbean luxury experience. Our island is known for its sporting initiatives like the cross Channel swim which takes swimmers across the 2 mile strait of open seas between St Kitts and Nevis, the annual triathlon as well as our running festival and annual fishing festival. Surprisingly the island also has tucked away in the parish of St James one of the Caribbean’s few purpose built drag race tracks. But we are also an incredibly romantic island with lush gardens, exquisite hotels and a level of understated sophistication which underpins our various offerings. Nevis’ dining scene is second to none in the region. We are therefore an island for sport and for romance but for me we are mostly an island known for the warmth and genuine hospitality of our people. 142 What is especially unique about Nevis? Nevis is a small island which is well preserved with much of its colorful history intact. From one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Americas to the first hotel built in the Americas to the birthplace of the US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton to the place where Lord Admiral Hotatio Nelson met and married Nevisian Frances Fannie Nisbett to the island where old plantation houses have been lovingly restored to offer bespoke luxury accommodations, Nevis is resplendent with history. But what we celebrate most on Nevis is our naturalness. That sen se of being at one with nature and protecting and preserving our environment for generations yet unborn. Nevis has one of the only wind farms in the entire region generating electricity. It will shortly have a waste to energy and solar farm added to the electricity mix. Lastly it is on the cusp of developing its geothermal energy which has been promised By December 2017. When geothermal comes online, fully 100% of Nevis’ electricity will be generated by renewables which will set Nevis far apart from its competition. When the geothermal switch is flicked, Nevis will become the greenest place on planet Earth.