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What motivated you to become involved with the Grenadian Cultural Association of BC

Give us a brief history of the GCABC The Grenadian Cultural Association of British Columbia, Canada, was incorporated on July 21, 1998. For the past 18 years we
have worked tirelessly to showcase our
beautiful Islands of Grenada, Carriacou and
Petite Martinique to communities in British
Columbia and beyond. This showcasing
is done by participating in Multicultural/
Caribbean Festivals, hosting our annual
Independence Banquet, organising
Food Festivals, Cultural Performances and
fundraising events, to support our charities
in Grenada and Canada. Our work in the
Caribbean community and the community at
large, allows us the opportunity to continue
on a larger scale to showcase Grenada.

I have always been involved with different
organizations since my arrival in Vancouver.
In 1982 Grenada was the focus of the media
because of its political problems. Dot to the
negative press, Grenada was known as the
country that was invaded by the Americans. I
was determined to have Vancouverites know
more about my beautiful Island. We have
a very small population of Grenadians in
the Vancouver lower mainland, but in 1998
we were fortunate to be visited by the late
Casper Shade, the then Honourary Consul
for Grenada at Winnipeg. He assisted us in
setting up the Association. Together with the
OECS Ambassador, the late George (Mario)
Bullen we registered our Association and are
now an active and respected Association,
in the Caribbean community and the
community at large.

Is the GCABC affiliated with other
organisations in BC?
Our Association is affiliated with other
Caribbean and non- Caribbean organizations
and agencies in BC. We consider our GCABC
to be a true multicultural organization. Our
members have held executive positions in
with many organizations such as British
Columbia Organization of Caribbean Cultural
Associations (BCOCCA), Congress of Black
Women Vancouver Chapter, Provincial
Committee on Cultural Diversity and Policing,
Coquitlam Festival Planning Committee, United
Cultural Children Christmas Club.

How would you define the
Organisation’s purpose?
Our aims and objectives are:
to develop and maintain a sense of unity
among Grenadians in BC; to act as a resource
for Grenadians in BC and to promote
awareness of Grenada within the community.
In addition, the Grenadian Cultural
Association of BC works cooperatively
with other Cultural Associations and
Organizations in BC, to foster, build
relationships and to make a meaningful
contribution to British Columbia.