Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 122

You have become known for your natural beauty. One school of thought holds that a black woman with a natural hair style is synonymous with confidence. Do you agree? What is your favourite meal & leisure activity? While I do agree with this statement, I also believe that confidence is not something that comes with just how you wear your hair, or what that may or may not signify. It takes any individual, of any race, to believe in themselves, or to possess the characteristics that can be defined as “confidence”. A signature style usually gets you noticed. Would you say that you have found your signature style and would you attribute that style to your success as a model? I do not have one favorite meal, but I won’t give up a delicious plate of Oil Down, for any other meal ( Oil Down is our national dish). For leisure, I would listen to music, which keeps me from overthinking, but I love going to the beach with my friends on sunny, beautiful days. Any beauty tips you’d like to share? Sunscreen is essential. Sunscreens that claim to provide “all-day protection” and “water resistance” are not reliable. Don’t be fooled by these claims and reapply all sunscreens at least every 2-3 hours. What is the one thing you would never wear? I am open to trying new styles although I love to see persons with a beautiful signature style. For me, I prefer changing up my style often to match my mood or feeling. So, I guess I don’t really have a signature style YET. I am comfortable with trying new looks. I may not necessarily like them all, but I think I am versatile and open to new ideas, or the creation of designers, always remembering that fashion is a very expressive art form. Any advice for those who now look up to you as their role model? What do you enjoy the most about being a model? I go by the quote “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid,’’ by Lupita Nyong’o To me it means I am not what happened to me . I am what I choose to become. Never let anyone determine your future for you. I enjoy traveling and the whole idea of meeting new people. Fashion is a deep passion of mine. To be a model, it takes more than just pretty face. I think modeling is an expressive art form and gives the model a chance to tell a story without words. You can show movement and so much more in a still picture, and I think that is incredible to be able to have that skill. 118