Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2016 - Page 12

When I was back teaching, I started to brainstorm some cool shirt design ideas that had been mulling around in my brain for a while. I took a local screen printing workshop and then started to print my own shirts at home. I would wear them out and to class and had even more people ask me if I could make some for them. It grew very organically from there and the clothing side of the business grew so quickly that I decided to no longer offer the yoga props. It’s funny how a business evolves! drive the direction rather than the industry. I was just lucky that what I was doing ended up being what people were looking for! I have been fortunate enough to have an outlet for my creative expression and it’s been amazing so far. Once my company evolved to the point where I was able to offer my own cutand-sew pieces, I really wanted to make sure that that product I created was in line with my environmental values. I can’t take credit for being the first apparel company to offer clothing made from I didn’t even want to get into cut-andrecycled bottles, but I definitely wanted sew apparel until a couple of years in to join in on the movement that had (and with the help of people with actual already started. I felt that it was imporbackgrounds in the fashion world). Once tant to make a choice to offer a product I found a way to put graphics on fabric, that helped repurpose components of our then t he floodgates opened up and I rewaste stream. I wanted to make sure that ally started to design. I loved bringing not only was the fabric derived from retogether a proper balance of colours and cycled sources, but also that it would also graphics into each print. I found that a lot stand up to the technical requirements of what I was seeing in the marketplace needed for active use. Fabric technology was just too busy. Too much pattern; too has really improved over the past few many elements; too kitschy. I wanted to years. It took me a while to find what I create pieces that stood alone as pieces was looking for but I’m really happy with of art; pieces that invoked some kind of how everything has worked out. feeling when worn. I let my creativity Office is located in beautiful downtown New Westminster, BC. Retailers in the area are YYoga, Semperviva, and Giving Gifts and Company. Or order online www.myinnerfire.com SHIPS INTERNATIONALLY 8