Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 684

Day trip to North Caicos Middle Caicos & From Heaving Down Rock Marina on Providenciales, you can take a scenic ferry ride to North and Middle Caicos , enjoying the sight of the beautiful cays along the way. When you get there, you can do a lot or you can do little. In this serene setting, with pristine sandy beaches, uncluttered and yours to enjoy, the beauty of the surroundings is bound to inspire an appreciation of nature. The adventurous can go kayaking or stand- up paddleboarding among the lagoons. There are ruins of plantations among the underbrush to be discovered and caves to explore. Rent a car and explore the backroads of these largely uninhabited islands. A causeway connects the two islands and you can easily explore both on one day trip. Photo Credit: James Willamor