Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 648

Michael shared with Mélange . . About Green Days by the River. This is my first feature length film and in addition to winning the coveted Carmichael Award for Unique Story-telling at the Barbados Film Festival 2018, it premiered as the opening film of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. It also won Best Feature Film of the Film Festival and People’s Choice Award. It has currently been nominated for Black Reel Award Outstanding Foreign- Language/World Cinema Motion Picture. The film was challenging to make. It took us one year to finance, and we still didn’t have all the money when we went into production. It was a brutally rough shoot after which we had to raise more money for post production. Oddly enough, I think all of this helped the quality of the film and made us fight to get it made. We had a really good cinematographer, Andressa Cor from Brazil and I think together we made a beautiful film. About when he got involved in this industry. I have been involved in film for 13 years since I was 20 years old. It has been a process of becoming, you start knowing so little and to create a masterpiece in film you have to be fluent in the language of film. For me it is the genius art form and I discovered my love for it while being a cinema usher at MovieTowne in Trinidad. I would always watch movies and think I could do them better and that is where the interest was sparked, while serendipitously the UWI started the film program and I went for it and never really looked back. About what he enjoys most about this career. I enjoy not knowing where I might be next or what I might be doing in 3 months, maybe I might be at a film festival or maybe I will be in pre- production or on set directing. Maybe I will be in school, but I enjoy having to be challenged to survive and adapting to a constantly changing environment and being in control of my choices. I am bound to what I can afford. About why was this specific novel selected. The producer of the film Christian James and myself were discussing film projects that we were interested in making, and Green Days by the River came up. We both thought that it was perfect timing for such a film to be made. The script was already in existence written by Dawn Cumberbatch and the novel was already a Caribbean classic with 800,000 copies sold. For me, I felt like we were making a film that represented national pride and embodied the ideals and values which represented our history which moulded Trinidad and Tobago. About other films he has directed. I feel like all eventually turned into a business. the films I've made before were in preparation for this one. Notable films were The Cool Boys I directed, Coolie Pink and Green which I edited and co produced, Seventeen Colours and a Sitar and City on the Hill. www.addictedtoprogress.com About his other interests. My other interests lie with travel and entrepreneurship. I am part owner of a clothing line called Addicted to Progress. It really represents the motivation and passion that some of my friends and I have towards progress which About what’s next ... Always trying to make a movie. Just trying to position my next project to be made. The Cast Sudai Tafari - Shellie Anand Lawkaran - Mr. Gidharee Nadia Kandhai - Rosalie Che Rodriguez - Pa Lammy Vanessa Bartholomew - Joan Dara Healy - Ma Lammy Omar Jarra - Lennard Andrew Friday - Freddie Kernell Alexander - Joe Renaldo Bachan - Roy Stephanie Kalloo - Sonia Michael Anthony - Mr. Prefat and Author of Green Days by the River