Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 636

EVENTS TRINIDAD JANUARY Carnival Season Begins POPULATION SIZE 1.341 million (2013) 5,131 sq. kilometers OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY English CURRENCY Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (1 US dollar equals 6.65 Trinidad & Tobago Dollars) Port of Spain AVERAGE TEMPERATURE 270 C / 80.60 F JANUARY 25 - 27 Trinidad & Tobago International Marathon ttmarathon.com MARCH 4 - 5 Carnival Monday & Tuesday Majestic parade of carnival bands, steel band music, calypso, soca and last lap jump up to end the carnival season. MARCH 30 National Pigeon Peas Festival In the village of Diego Martin, a festival with the pigeon pea as the central character takes place every year. A variety of dishes are prepared with pigeon peas, there is music, traditional dances and presentations throughout the event. Photo Credit: Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company