Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 6

Get Married On The Editor says . . . Happy New Year to all! As each new year dawns, many of us make a list of places we hope to get, hitherto untravelled. We may plan to go somewhere new during the Spring Break, or have a quick getaway at Easter, Summer vacation, or it may be a hope to get out of town for Christmas and welcome in the new year in an exotic place, far from home. The Caribbean islands present many choices to the potential traveller with each one offering a taste of something different. Each is unique. This year, we are excited that Mélange Tours and its guests will journey to the islands and explore them together. We will hike up the mountains on the quintessential island of St. Eustatius and walk through the streets of the storybook villages of Saba. On Antigua and Barbuda, the island that proudly boasts of having a beach for every day of the year, we’ll try to get to as many as we can, and on the modern day Pompeii of the Caribbean, Montserrat, we will explore the Buried City. Every Caribbean island is on our list. We are understandably excited! Our cover story in this issue is Montserrat, the island that proudly celebrates its Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day and presents visitors with an opportunity, unrivalled in the Caribbean, to see a city frozen in time. Mrs. Rosetta West-Gerald with the Tourism Division walks us through what makes her island truly unique. Happy Reading. Gabi Dalton Contact Us: Comments - editor@readmelange.com Advertising - advertising@readmelange.com Want to write for us? - writer@readmelange.com © 2019 Mélange Magazine The Caribbean Tourism Marketing Agency Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All rights reserved. Montserrat www.visitmontserrat.com