Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 596

InterestingDive Spots on St. Maarten Exploring the wrecks around the island with its abundant marine life can be an educational experience and also one that offers excellent photo opportunities as divers capture images of the fascinating underwater world. Here are 4 you can explore. Tiegland The remains of a barge that was deliberately sunk in 1993. It lies at an average depth of 70 feet. Lucy’s Barge Sunk in 1991, it lies at an average depth of 60 feet. Proselyte At 20 to 55 feet deep at this popular, coral-covered wreck, you will find an abundance of fish and marine life. Lobster Hotel as the name suggests is a haven for lobsters. This is considered a very beautiful dive with eels, amazing coral and friendly reef sharks. Visit: www.naturefoundationsxm.org for more information