Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 594

Tes usually showcases her own work in her Philipsburg gallery, but because September 2017’s Hurricane Irma had such a huge impact on the lives of the people of Sint Maarten, she teamed up with Ras Mosera and decided to use this catastrophic event in their first joint exhibition in November 2018. “The Shock and Awe we experienced with the phenomenon nicknamed” Irma”., our Lilliputian position cannot grasp the magnitude of such fury. When such power is unleashed some of us, after the fear subside, and we make an assessment of the aftermath, some of us are inspired, bewildered and shell shocked. Kids in particular, seem to express their fear and grief through visual art expressions, Some see a dark monster looming, pillaging mercilessly, others see the aftermath as a moment of defiance.” Tes shared. The Irma experience was powerfully interactive, with every family or individual describing endless tales of fear, bravery, survival and loss. Some religiously think such power unleashed, is simply retribution from God. Matured Artist have tried to captured this un- capturing phenomena but every effort is still in a nutshell. “With this Exhibition: “Irma Tes and Mosera” Our nutshell interpretation is just a little light in this huge experience,” said Tes. Tes’ style is free almost reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s, like the peace and love trying to heal mother earth from the scourge of human’s over activity, which is the result of powerful hurricanes like what they experienced. She uses all mediums in one style, resins, virtrail, etc. She said she decided to come back to earth, because she almost “wanted to live in the sky, with diamonds, I suppose. Like Lucy.” Mosera is fascinated with “Irma”, the sheer unbridled power is beyond imagination, the license to kill, destroy and maim with no accountability to country or state, is fathomless. The awe is in wanting to pay homage, almost romanticizing , with the before and after effects of human interaction/s. He paints with a free contemporary approach. In this series mainly acrylic, collages, gold leaf on canvas and subtle humor.