Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 574

Dennery Photo Credit: wwwncastlucia.org Nestled on the island’s east coast is the small fishing of Dennery. This beautiful, picture- perfect village is traditionally a fishing one, with the sea being central to the economic lives of its residents. From Sunday to Friday, stillness prevails throughout this small village as the residents go about their daily tasks. On Saturday night, however, like magic, the scenery transforms, the village suddenly awakens from its slumber and the party begins. Every Saturday night, the Dennery Fish Festival takes place. Tents are spread out over the beach and villagers become vendors and chefs, selling an assortment of cooked seafood to eager patrons who arrive here with empty stomachs. And of course, there must be music! After all, how can there be an outdoor Caribbean event without music? So, reggae, soca, calypso and other music as the DJ is so inclined - country and western even, will be penetrating the air to the delight of the crowd. Throw in alcoholic beverages, maybe a Piton or Carib beer, and the party will be complete! Fond d’Or On the east coast of St Lucia, you’ll find the Fond d’Or Nature Reserve and Historical Park. This is the venue for one of the annual St. Lucia Jazz concerts. The park was once the home of the Amerindians who lived here before Columbus’ discovery of the island and it was important also to the colonial rulers. Ruins of the sugar industry and Amerindian presence remains within the park today and are tourist attractions. The Fond’Or Beach is about 5 minutes from Dennery Village. No swimming is allowed here as it is on the Atlantic side of the island which sees strong, rough waves and currents making it unsafe. It is also the nesting site for leatherback turtles.