Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 568

places of interest Toraille Waterfall A short distance from the main road, the 50-foot high Toraille Waterfall cascades down a cliff to a pool at the bottom. This is an ideal place for a swim or just to relax under the falls while enjoying a water massage. The trail leading to the falls goes through lush tropical gardens adding to the area’s eco-appeal. Changing rooms are located close to the falls. Jump Up Friday at Gros Islet Every Friday Night on the village’s main streets, visitors and locals all join in a weekly Gros Islet Jump Up (Street Party). Here, amid the ‘booming’ Caribbean sounds belching out of giant speakers, villagers sell BBQ of mainly fish or chicken. Beverages too are also on sale. Friday Nights on the island, it’s a lot about eating, socializing, dancing and having fun. A perfect end to the working week! Photo Credit: TripAdvisor Photo Credit: Gail O