Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 502

F ine Jewellery- F ine Homes Mark Johnson’s family has lived on Saba for centuries. He speaks fondly of his island... Saba is a safe ecological/natural haven, a retreat from the rigors of everyday life. The simplicity factor! The island epitomizes the art of sophistication. Sundays on Saba truly feels like the Sundays of years ago - a definite respite. Mark Johnson “Stunning, dramatic “take-your- breath-away” landscape. Every glance provides a pleasant storybook island perspective.” Saba Island Premier Properties & The Jewel Cottage Saba is a friendly and WELCOMING island community. There’s safety here and the freedom to be yourself. There is a secret, idyllic, storybook, Caribbean nature-island, where all of the buildings are uniformly covered by signature red roofs. Preservation and Conservation is paramount, ABOVE and BELOW water. The Saba Marine Park protects the National Marine Park. Established in 1980, it is one of the longest existing conservation parks in the Caribbean. Imagine an endless sapphire sea, caressing a rugged coastline on this island that few people have heard of . . . that island is Saba! And on this island you will find Mark Johnson, Saba Island Premier Properties and The Jewel Cottage. Development here is easier than in most exotic locations. Saba has a competent and accommodating local government that can effectively balance the local ecological and building requirements with sensitive development. it will never be overdeveloped. Neighbouring islands are connected to Saba by air via private Helicopter/Windward Islands charter, or commercial (WinAir), and by sea via private yachts and commercial ferry (The Edge Ferry). Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is recorded as having the shortest commercial runway in the world. From neighbouring Sint Maarten, its Princess Juliana Airport, the largest hub servicing North and South America and Europe offers a 12 minute flight to Saba. Also from Sint Maarten, you can get to Saba in a 90 minute ride by boat.