Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 494

Saba Artisans Foundation CONCLUSION It is not just nature that is incredibly rich on Saba, which is acknowledged by the plans for establishing a National Park on the island. A publication from the local government on Monday the 10th of September, 2018: The Public Entity Saba, Saba Conservation Foundation, SABARC and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries held town hall meetings Monday and Tuesday, August 20th and 21st to inform the public of a proposal to establish a Saba National Park. Mount Scenery is one of the most unique places in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and being it’s highest mountain, it deserves a special status. The Saba Artisans Foundation is a long established and children, fabrics, handbags, hats, postcards, cultural gift store on Dutch Caribbean island of souvenirs. Saba offering a variety of locally handcrafted The shop is located in The Bottom near the items. government building and open from 8:30 am to Products are: silk screened t-shirts for adults 12:00 pm Sacred Heart Church Not a gallery but definitely something to visit is the absis of the Sacred Heart church in the Bottom which has an exceptional wall-painting by artist Heleen Cornet. One of the sustainable development goals of the Public Entity is to establish a National Park in the northern part of the Island. The northern part of the Island features an extensive network of hiking trails and the economy of Saba relies heavily on international nature-related tourism. The Executive Council believes that Saba has the natural and cultural resources available to become a more attractive holiday destination and the establishment of a National Park will boost the tourism reliant economy. But apart from the Marine Park, the future National Park and all the beauty of nature also beside the National Park, there is much more that the island of Saba is offering. Cultural history, village-views, traditional architecture, and landscape is making the island of Saba a very special vacation and holiday destination! Dr René Caderius van Veen Dutch Museum Saba For more information and about more Saba’s artists and craft, visit www.sabatourism.com However small, Saba has such a rich variety of attractions that it is exceptional even for the Caribbean! The second part of this look into Saba’s Culture and Nature Tourism will be published in our January 2019 issue.